Vestibular and Visual Systems and Considerations for Hippotherapy

Vestibular and Visual Systems and Considerations for Hippotherapy

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The Vestibular System: Impact on the Visual System, and Considerations when Incorporating Hippotherapy (Beginner/Intermediate)

This presentation will begin with a review of vestibular anatomy and function, and how it is integrally connected to the visual system. Symptoms of vestibular hyper/hypo sensitivity will be discussed. A practicum will be included for performance of vestibular tests. The purpose is to enhance clinical reasoning for patients with vestibular dysfunction when integrating Hippotherapy in a treatment plan. 

1. Attendees will have an understanding of the anatomy of the vestibular system and related neuroanatomy
2. Attendees will be able to describe the function of the vestibular system.
3. Attendees will be able to describe the interaction of vestibular system on vision.
4. Attendees will be able to perform aspects of vestibular assessment: VOR, static balance.
5. Attendees will be able to recognize signs of vestibular dysfunction: under/over responders.
6. Attendees will be able to apply considerations of vestibular function to evaluation and treatment planning incorporating hippotherapy.

PRESENTER: Carol Huegel, PT, HPCS, is a graduate from the University of Florida. She has an NDT background and provided hippotherapy to a variety of populations, with varied ages and diagnoses. She also has significant experience working with adults in an outpatient setting, providing aquatic/neuro/vestibular/balance therapy – experience she finds substantially enhances her knowledge base when applied to hippotherapy,- and continues to work as a consultant in this setting. Carol has served as a clinical instructor for physical therapy and assists students from a variety of programs around the country. She has served as the Chair of the American Hippotherapy Certification Board since 2009.