Oh The Places We Can Go!

Oh The Places We Can Go!

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Oh, the Places We Can Go! (Beginner/Intermediate)

With a nod to Dr. Seuss, this presentation will begin with an overview of the current definition and practice of PT, OT, and ST incorporating hippotherapy, then compare and contrast the scope of practice for various related health care services and specialties such as neurology, psychotherapy, childhood development, orthopedics, counseling, etc. There may be some therapy services whose scope of practice overlaps physical, occupational and speech therapy. How might we incorporate other services to expand the benefits to our clients? It might be as consultants, professional referrals, or co-treating. We really do not know how these other pieces might fit into an expanded vision of hippotherapy. Now is the time to broaden our view toward the future. We know that hippotherapy benefits people and we can demonstrate that effectiveness. So, what’s next? Where can we go?

1. Attendees will be able to compare scope of practice for therapy disciplines that currently practice
2. Attendees will be able to discuss potential related health care services and potential benefits for their clients.
3. Attendees will develop ideas and suggestions regarding an expanded vision of hippotherapy with audience participation.

PRESENTER: Karen Gardner is an active AHA, Inc. Faculty member and has presented at local, regional and national conferences on a variety of topics within occupational therapy, hippotherapy, adaptive riding and horse training. She is a consulting OT, equine trainer and an adjunct professor for the OTA Program at Lone Star College. Therapy specialties include sensory integration, aquatics, Floortime, Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and neurodevelopmental techniques. Karen is a past President and former Board member of the American Hippotherapy Association, Inc.