How Do I Say It?

How Do I Say It?

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How Do I Say It? (Beginner/Intermediate)

This presentation will be an interactive session demonstrating a hierarchy of the levels of expressive and receptive language production to better facilitate success in your session in the equine environment. It will cover topics including: how to produce a variety of commands, phrases, sentences, and stories at various skill levels; how to produce a variety of questions at various skills levels; how to incorporate and remove communication cues, prompts, and supports; and how to observe subtle cues and changes from the team that can contribute to communication. During the AHA, Inc. Communication Connection many participants ask “how” or “show me.” This presentation will be a time to practice “how” and/or modify the way we say things to a variety of clients and staff. Attendees will be able to implement the new techniques they learn in their treatment sessions to increase their patients’  communication success.

1. Attendees will demonstrate an increased awareness and understanding of different levels of communication.
2. Attendees will demonstrate their ability to modulate and produce different levels of comments and questions.
3. Attendees will identify patient and team cues to improve timing of changes in the intervention.
4. Attendees will be able to identify cues, prompts, or supports to facilitate communication success.

PRESENTER: Meredith S. Bazaar, CCC-SLP, HPCS, the proprietor of MSB Therapy, is a New Jersey and New York licensed speech-language pathologist. She is an Associate Faculty Member, and Past President of AHA, Inc. Meredith has also provided speech language services in the Montefiore Medical Center CCU, ICU, NICU and rehabilitation departments and managed a day program for adults with traumatic brain injuries at United Cerebral Palsy Association of New York State. Meredith regularly presents at professional conferences, conducts training seminars for parents and community groups and supervises graduate student interns. She is trained in PROMPT I and II, Kaufman Speech Praxis Treatment and Beckman Oral-Motor assessment and intervention. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing from The George Washington University and a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology from Northwestern University.